At Chambers Cellars we take the protection of your personal information seriously so we encourage you to read understand our privacy policy. Steven Chambers Pty Ltd and its other trading companies are committed to be compliant with privacy laws in which apply to its businesses.

In order to make our services available to you or to meet our service obligationa, we are required to collect and use certain personal information obtained by this web site. If you do not provide the information that we request, we may not be able to meet or service standards.

Your personal information that we collect and hold is what is reasonably necessary for our business functions and activities.

We will keep your personal records on Computer Systems which are securely managed and access to your details are restricted to appropriate personel employed by this business.

What kind of personal information do we collect and hold? We collect and hold the following:

Your First and Last Name

Your delivery addresses

Your email address

Your contact number

What items you purchased

We collect this information about you at the time of signing as a member on this web site and will be by default sign you up to our email distribution system. We may contact you when necessary to ensure your contact details are accurate or to confirm your online order.

Please note: That we do not hold any financial records about you and do not forward your personal details to any third party businesses that will not benefit you as our member.

At any time you may opt out of our direct marketing to you by unsubscribing.

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